Privacy Policy

By using our service(s), you agree to our privacy policy. Should you have any question, please contact us.


1.1.1: Clients’ personal and contact information is never shared with any third party under any circumstance.

1.1.2: Clients’ personal and contact information is only released to law enforcement officials when a court order mandates said release.


1.2.1: No staff member, support technician, or any other party will enter or view the contents of a clients’ service without first requesting permission to do so via the support system.

1.2.2: No data from a clients’ service will be recorded, saved, or archived without the clients’ knowledge and consent.

1.2.3: All data related to a service (including Automated Backups ) is destroyed when a cancellation request or termination is processed for the service.


1.3.1: Some services include automated backups as a core feature. Purchase and use of these services imply consent to store these backups on a secured server until the service is cancelled or terminated.



2.1.1: Any account with at least one active service is considered to be of Active Status.

2.1.2: Active Status accounts will receive emails relating to their active services, support tickets, maintenance and general announcements.


2.2.1: An account with no current services is considered to be of Inactive Status.

2.2.2: Inactive Status accounts will receive emails relating to their support tickets, and general announcements.

2.2.3: Any Inactive Status account may request to be closed so long as there are no unpaid or overdue invoices on the account.


2.3.1: An account is placed into Closed Status when it goes 12 months with no active services, support tickets, or logins.

2.3.2: Any existing Account Credit is permanently removed from an account when it enters Closed Status.

2.3.2: Closed Status accounts will not receive any emails.

2.3.3: Closed Status accounts may be reverted back to Inactive Status by sending a request to [email protected] from the email address associated with the account.

2.3.4: Closed Status accounts are permanently deleted, and all associated data removed, after 6 months in Closed Status so long as the account is not banned or prohibited from further service.

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